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Hofgut Koryto

It is time for a vacation and for total relaxation
It is time to visit Southern Bohemia and the Bohemian Forests (Czech Republic)


The Property







Vacation Area


The Czech Republic moved closer to central Europe since it became a part of the European Union.

Enjoy Southern Bohemia, a region rich in architecture and culture. With its historical towns and attractive villages it offers a unique tradition in the midst of a wonderful and nearly unspoiled natural environment , a scenery of hilly rural areas and large forests.

In the midst of all this beauty you will find your Vacation Home located high along a dreamlike hillside. Explore the nearby Renaissance- and Baroque period towns of Ceské Krumlov (Krumau) and Ceské Budêjovice (Budweis). Follow the trails of the poet, Adalbert Stifter, through the nearby woods of Southern Bohemia. Discover the small treasures of the region or simply hang out and rest on the terrace or in front of the open fireplace-like stove. Listen to the hum of the bees above the meadows in mid-summer, or to the whisper of the wind in the treetops of the nearby woods.

Your Vacation Home at the one-time Hofgut (Estate Farm) Koryto – which is no longer run as a farm – offers you an inside living area of 200 m2 (2,153 squ.ft.), surrounded by extensive lawns and meadows around the house – sufficient space for the enjoyment of individual relaxation and fun.

A heartfelt Welcome!