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The village of Koryto belongs to the nearby city of Prachatice (16 km. or about 10 miles distant from Koryto) in the Province of Ceské Budêjovice (Budweis) of Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. Four supermarkets and many stores in Prachatice - most of them open on Sundays - offer a range of shopping opportunities.

The cities of Ceské Budêjovice (Budweis) and Ceské Krumlov (Krumau)– each approximately 35 km. (about 20 miles) East of Koryto - can be conveniently reached by car. Both cities are centers of architectural and art-historical treasures. A major highway runs from the German (Bavarian) / Czech border station of Phillipsreut to the vicinity of Koryto, which is then reached via a smaller hardtop road, a total distance of about 35 km. (20 miles) from the border. Prague, the Czech capital, lies North of Koryto at a distance of about 150 km. (about 92 miles). There are excellent roads leading to Prague, bus transportation is available, as well as travel by train from Ceské Budêjovice (Budweis) to Prague. Many Prague residents spend their weekends in Southern Bohemia, including the area around Koryto.

With only about forty permanent residents Koryto is hardly a turbulent place. In addition to those who live there at all times there are the owners and visitors of weekend houses and converted farms in and near the village. A small paved road runs from the major highway to the center of the village, a distance of about 2 km (1.3 miles). Solid roads and pathways spread from the center of the village towards the various structures and into the surrounding meadows and forests which still appear almost untouched. Koryto lies at an altitude of 940 meter (about 3,000 feet). Among the attractions of Koryto and surrounding settlements are several farms built as square structures, known in Germany and Austria as Vierkanthöfe. This impressive building style of well-sheltered farms originated during the period of Austrian political hegemony over this region.

The Climate

The climate in Bohemia (Southwest Czech Republic) is milder than that in the Eastern part of the country because it is less exposed to the cold East winds.

The Southern part of the Czech Repblic has four seasons with a continental climate. By the end of April spring has arrived and unfolded with its display of gloriously blooming trees, and with its colorful meadows and flowers. Summer is fully established by mid-Juli. It is hardly ever intolerably hot in the higher parts of Bohemia. By the end of September leaves begin to turn into their lovely fall colors of red and gold. Snow may begin to fall as early as the middle of November. During the middle of winter there is the possibility of one day, or even several days, when all rolling traffic is at a standstill and walking is the only way to get around. Snowtires are a must for a visit between November and April.