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Hofgut Koryto



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Vacation Area


The former Estate Farm Koryto originally consisted of a farm structure built as a large square, one part for living, one part for the animals one part for vehicles, agricultural equipment and tools, and one part for provisions and working space. These last two parts slowly dilapidated and became a ruin. After the Iron Curtain came down and restoration followed everywhere these two parts were totally reconstructed and modernized. A part of this elegant residential area is used occasionally during vacations by the owners.

The two parts of the farm which had turned into ruins have been replaced by two arcades, running at a right angle. They are closed off to the outside As a result there is now an open-air inner courtyard that is totally protected from the outside. An adjacent garage and a workspace complete the building structure.

The former stables were the last part to be totally renovated. That part of the house has been turned into a comfortable vacation home. The valuable Bamberg-style vaulted part on the ground floor of the former stables was saved and has been incorporated into the living, dining and kitchen section. The heavy walls, having a thickness of over four feet, with their niches and shelf spaces, radiate an atmosphere of shelter and well-being. A large and heavy masonry open wood-burning stove (typical of the region) offers – in addition to central heating - comfortable warmth during the seasonal transition periods. The open kitchen contains complete modern equipment, inviting ambitious cooks and gourmets to explore all kinds of gustatory possibilities. A CD player with a small selection of classical and contemporary music as well as a selection of books are available in the living area.

There are two bathrooms in the guest quarters with shower and toilets, one is located on the ground floor, the other on the first floor. Each of the three bedrooms upstairs (the former location of the haystacks) has two beds. One of these rooms is very spacious, it has sloping walls and includes a living section. It is accessible via an old stairway which leads into an ample area under the open-ceiling roof where a double bed is located on a balcony-type section. In the living section of this room two sleeping couches can be provided and placed additionally. The vacation home is centrally heated, water is supplied by a spring, there is hot water at all times.

If desired the apartment can be extended by one or two additional rooms. In that case an additional bathroom is available also. The additional space results in a total of 320 squ.m. (3,444 squ.ft.) of space, accommodating a total of twelve persons for a wonderful vacation.